Investing in Indonesia May 2015 - KPMG Indonesia (English Ebook)

Indonesia has an abundance of foreign capital lining up to invest, but until now has generally failed
to covert this to levels of foreign investment other large developing markets like China have been able
to attract. “Big deals”, too, are less common than in other Asian countries. While deal origination,
execution and completion present challenges and risks, a well planned and executed investment in the country can be very rewarding. Having a degree of appetite for risk is fundamental to successfully investing in an emerging economy like Indonesia and reaping the benefits and opportunities from a
large, rapidly expanding population and all the upside of a quite remarkable economic growth story.
Foreign and local recognition of Indonesia’s enormous potential is not a topic of debate. This publication is intended as a general guide to investing and doing business in Indonesia primarily for new foreign investors looking to enter the Indonesian market, but should also serve as a useful reference document for established foreign and domestic Indonesian investors. Practical insights and other intelligence from KPMG’s experience at the transaction “coalface” and through providing transaction, M&A and tax advisory services to foreign and local investors and lenders can also be found at appropriate junctures in this publication.

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