Lichello Golden Little Secret - David Gressett (English Ebook)

You have picked up the schematic to a secret weapon that the smartest stock market investors use. It is powerful enough to tame the stock market dragon and put its horde of gold into your pocket. This system, known as Automatic Investment Management, was invented in the late 1970’s, and over twenty years has marveled thousands that have listened to its advice. Imagine if your best friend was the world leader in stock analysis expertise. If you listened to his advice everyday, would the stock market be at your mercy? Of course it would! AIM produces results that world-class experts usually have a hard time matching over long periods of time, and dispenses that advice to
you every day, free of charge. If you select a good stock, AIM can squeeze more money out of it than the most cunning day-trader. AIM can be like a magnifying glass for a good stock. For example, with the average investment return of 20%, it will often provide 30%. That’s an increase of 140% in profit! It will add significant percentage points to your returns, often more than 10% per year.

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