Super Stocks - Kenneth L.Fisher (English Ebook)

Anyone can sidestep pitfalls that regularly befoul most professional investors. Avoiding mistakes is just a start. By learning a few principles, you will understand the steps to a staircase of investment success. These principles provide a simple discipline enabling you to outperform most professionals. They can provide professionals arigorous basis upon which to operate.

Can it really be done? Is it hard? Successful implementation does not require exceptional intelligence or access to inside tips. Anyone can employ these principles successfully at least on a limited
scale. Is it worth it?

Consider the results. In early 1981, I purchased for my clients and myself approximately 1.5 percent of the total common shares of Verbatim Corporation, a producer of flexible diskettes used in small computer systems. At the time, virtually everyone I could find on Wall Street thought I had absolutely lost my mind. If one were to invest in diskettes, they all said, invest in Dysan Corporation. Dysan was supposed to have the best technology and management.

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